Rent Payment
Made Simpler

With Rentpe both renter and rentee can easily manage payments online.

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Key features

Creating the best rental experience for landlords and tenants

For Landlords

Collect rents on time from anywhere and get quick updates with no hassle.

For Tenants

Secure and easy rent payments with a single click.

Plan your Payments

Create a flexible payment schedule and finish your payments on time with timely reminders.

Privacy Guaranteed

Rentpe doesn’t exchange any personal information and safeguards your privacy.

Best features

Rent Payment made easy with the Best Features

Introducing the best rental payment with Rentpe to make the rental transactions simpler and convenient. Boost your credit points with on-time rent payment also earning you emergency cash for rent when you need it most.

Collect Rent On Time Every Time

Creating the best renting experience. Collecting the rent made easy and paying the rent more rewarding as the tenant gets emergency cash for on-time rent payments.

Automatic Reminders

Timely reminders to make the rent payment from anywhere. Schedule reminders to send your tenants flexibly on and before the due date so you get your rent at the right time without any hassle.

User-friendly online support

Assisting users with online support to solve their queries.

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Well-timed Reporting

Updated reporting so that you know all your rental transactions in a single tap with live tracking and notifications.


Simpler and dynamic features to provide the best user experience. Easy payment options to encourage tenant usage with real-time reporting.


Introducing the cost-effective rental payment option which values admin time and reduces the cost of processing rental transactions.

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Check out the Rentpe App

Our app is designed for easy use and quick navigation

Start Managing Your Transaction from Anywhere and Everywhere

Rentpe allows easy and faster transactions. We offer smooth service to both tenants and landlords so that all settlements can be done online and on time.


You can register to rentpe by just clicking on the landlord sign up and then entering your name and valid mobile number.

The landlord will receive the rent payment directly in the bank account provided. We will notify both you and the landlord when the transfer is completed.

Rentpe begins with your safety. Your security and trust are of paramount importance to us. All your personal data and transactions are encrypted and secure. We do not exchange any personal or financial information during transactions.

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